Dead Ends

What does that mean? Seriously …I know totally changing my personality here. Dead End . There is no such thing. When life gets tough and believe me it does ( you don’t get to my age without some pretty tough moments) there is no such thing . Otherwise the human race would cease to exist.

Wake up folks

I challenge you to find me a dead end. When you have a problem you think cannot be solved and someone comes along and solves it…no dead end. When you think you’ve upset a true friend and they invite you round for coffee the next day , when your child screams they hate you then slip into your bed later and whisper “ I love you” and when you get into debt and think it’s the end of the world….there’s no dead end.

Life is a cul de sac

There is no dead end , just turn around and retrace your steps. What I’m trying to say folks is never give up . There is always a way out.

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