You snooze, you lose…

Ok so I always thought that any sleep no matter how small was beneficial . I was so wrong . As many of my close friends know I started the year with #melrobbins #mindsetreset . She taught me so much more about sleep patterns than going to an all girls school taught me about girls ! Joking aside Mel explained how by hitting that snooze button was the biggest mistake you would make that day. You would be allowing your brain to enter a new sleep cycle which would then be interrupted by your alarm.

So what? I can hear you thinking. Those cogs are noisy you know ! Well the science proves that by interrupting that new cycle of sleep your brain feels robbed and stays subconsciously in that state of sleep for the full cycle even though you appear awake. Something like that anyway…to be honest I am so happy that I get better , longer sleep these days that I don’t care .

So where am I going with this …yep you guessed it already. Sleep oils.

Well most people with minor sleep issues select this combo. The easy to take softgels work their magic from within and the beautiful scent can be diffused with the oil prior to getting ready to ‘ hit the sack’ . Those with deeper sleep deprivation head for good old fashioned Lavender oil. It’s heady scent sends you into a deeply relaxed state and has incredible effects when rubbed in the soles of the feet. However, there is only one oil that really does it for me . The deep musky complex smell of Vetiver. My bedtime routine is incomplete without dabbbing a couple of sticky golden drops onto my wrists and breathing in that heaven sent aroma that sends shivers of delight up my spine … oops that feels like to much information .

Available through my shop . Cathies choice. Vetiver.

Must buy

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