Joyful and triumphant

This is exactly how I am feeling right now. Empowered , sated , almost ecstatic and certainly triumphant.

My journey has been a long one and yet it feels like I am at the start of an incredible new one. As a child sport , exercise and nature were my primary tools to escape from a volatile family atmosphere. I would spend entire days outside running , watching creatures and horse riding. I seldom had company and to be truly frank I cannot even remember if I was happy that way or just too afraid to let anyone in. My best friends were the creatures I came across on the way. Relationships with people were not in my radar.

So here I am many years later revisiting one of the areas I played in as a child and I am seeing the forest in a different light. I am no longer escaping something or someone but choosing it to meet up with someone , excerise refresh myself and I am joyful. I feel energised . My life has changed in the last year incredibly and I finally feel in control and able to choose to grasp it by the reigns and gallop off into the sunset.


Triumphant ….. despite many knock backs I have come back ‘fighting’ . Not in the negative sense of the word but full of energy. I refuse to escape and instead to build on relationships with people . I have broken the pain barrier with my new toolbox of essential oils to support me and I fully intend to spend more time outdoors again only this time not alone .

My saviour

If you have pain that is preventing you from getting out there and living a full life get in touch . I would love to share my zest for life

Essentially Cathie

2 thoughts on “Joyful and triumphant”

  1. Thank you . I have to write from the heart .It can be pretty raw as I have no filters but then thats me


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