#burnout … self care tips;

What use are we if we are worn out?

This fast paced world expects too much of us

We expect too much of ourselves …


Modern society has changed so much in the last few decades. The pressure to be great looking , fit , actively supporting charities and showing a great lifestyle on social media has become more than an obsession. Add to that life , relationships , family and money and it becomes impossible to keep up. We are like pressure cookers boiling inside with steam coming out of our ears .. ready to explode when our lids are taken off revealing the contents inside. What can we do? We need to find that inner switch , that sign that says “closed until further notice”

Extremely difficult when you have a family and children who rely on you. The pressure on parents can be extreme causing anxiety and anguish that can lead to collapse and even mental illness. So what can be done? Self care isn’t selfish but vital. You wouldn’t expect a car to run without being serviced so it’s time to top up your fuel , oil those cogs and get yourself running again in order to cope with those demands!

Ok so where do we start? Ask yourself some key questions about your lifestyle and write the 5 most important things you have to do. For me it’s getting my daughter on her school transport , feeding all the people and pets , sleeping ,walking my dog and laundry. Everything else will keep. Delegate all jobs where possible to others and don’t feel guilty. The world will not stop if you take 3-5 days off. Will it matter in 5 years time if you took a week off from everything now? Think outside the box , have your shopping delivered to you , drop the laundry in a launderette for full service wash, put a sign on the front door do not disturb and take a long soak in the bath. Take vitamin supplements , eat well and curl up on the sofa with a good book or film. Or better still get outside and find a place you can watch the birds , bees and clouds floating by. Above all rest.

I use doTERRA lifelong vitality supplements for vital support

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