Karma .. a good thing.

Hands up, we have all been there. A car cuts us up and we instantly wish bad things happen to the driver….no? It must be just me then! Seriously when someone does ‘wrong’ to us Karma springs to mind but hey, STOP right there WHOA.

Why is Karma the bad guy dishing up retribution. Are we all that negative that we want to see people punished? Well this weekend I realised that Karma is a two way street. I am sure I never looked at it this way. Before I entered my humble oil business (essential not crude , though I think the latter describes me better) I always saw Karma as the noble punishment for crimes I felt were punishable.

So where am I going with this? Last week was a horrendous week where my youngest most vulnerable child displayed extreme signs of distress. We had no idea what was going on as she has Downs Syndrome and other conditions and struggles to comprehend her own emotions. I had my first car accident although no other vehicle was involved and I wasn’t hurt. It was looking like a bad week. However , I kept positive and remained cheery (thanks in part to my emotional aromatherapy oils and #mindsetreset Mel Robbins. Also Paul McKenna’s app I can make you thin all supported me through this and I survived.

Many friends have said I am too kind..like how can you be too kind? If I love sharing my ‘stuff’ then thats me. So Karma worked its magic, I won some money , my daughters social worker informed me her transport would be paid for , my daughter went back to her cheery self, my sister treated me to lunch , I got a discount on my new shoes..life was sweet again. Karma paid me back and I apologise for giving it a bad name .

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