Pain is a very personal feeling. Our perception of what is acceptable is very individual. I myself have a ‘ high pain threshold’. I put this down to my northern upbringing and have vivid memories of being brushed down and brushed off whenever I took a tumble or knock. I have had some nasty falls , broken bones , given birth and pain has come and gone . And up until recent years I ignored any pain relying on past experience that it would become a distant memory.

Athletes kit…ideal for on the go

Late in 2017 after months of excruciating neck pain , alternating knee and back pain and sciatica I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica . The pain had become so intense and unbearable I had become depressed and was contemplating ending my life. How could I not control this pain like previous injuries or ailments? My house had become a mess ,I slept most afternoons as I was awake most nights with intense pain in my shoulders , neck and all down my left side . My legs felt heavy and I could barely walk some days and painkillers could not take the edge off this ruthless invader that had taken over my life . I was riddled with guilt as I wasn’t functioning as a mother or wife and was constantly moaning. It had to end!

These three kings…saved my life!

Initially I was given steroids and sent packing by the doctors and the pain was instantly relieved 👌. After a few months then joining numerous groups and reading up on the condition and side effects of the steroids my old determined self kicked back in. I decided to wean myself off the steroids and take was not going to be easy. I experimented with products from dōTERRA as I am a wellness advocate and have had huge success with my clients and I think I have finally found my perfect combo to tackle PMR. I start my day with 1 capsule of the 3 supplements pictured above. The Deep Blue polyphenols stop my arthritic knee , dodgy back ( previously both broken) and my polymyalgia from affecting my daily dog walk. The Mito2max gives me the energy to pick up my legs and get moving and the Alpha CRS renews the cells and vitalises me after muscle tearing excerise walking my 15 month old working fox red Labrador. I have reduced my steroids from 20ml a day to 3 ml a day and feel finally back in control. I am managing pain naturally that the strongest pharmaceuticals didn’t even touch the edge of and finally beating PMR .

If like me you suffer with pain…contact me on the tab above and let me help you find relief from this and many other conditions. Essentially yours ..essentially cathie

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