Noticeably a current trend is expressing and writing gratitudes which is meant to help your mental health. I came across it several years ago when a friend with mental health issues, low self esteem and anxiety had them written on a pin board in her room. She said her therapist had set her targets to do them daily to promote a sense of wellbeing. At the time I didn’t take it seriously as I had learnt to push aside anything I didn’t like in the back of my mind in a hidden chamber. An invisible filing system filled with horrific events , trauma and minor incidents. This filing system had grown so large there was little room for other things in my head and life had become overwhelming.

When things get on top of you to the point where you struggle to function on a daily basis something has to give. For me the tipping point was when I felt no joy or pleasure from anything I did. I had no hobbies or interest and a near miss with 3 vehicles whilst walking my dog outside my house shook me to the core. I rushed inside and cried and cried and wept for all the stored issues in my ‘filing system’. It felt like a huge wave of relief came flooding over me and I realised that something needed to be done.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul…… Henry Ward Beecher

I think gratitude stems from positivity, half cup full, filling your mind with good thoughts not negative thoughts but is there any room in my mind … maybe , maybe not. The ritual of daily reminders of what is good or even great about your life sweeps away those negative or ‘bad’ thoughts but does it just sweep them back into an overcrowded area of your mind and delay the inevitable of dealing with the inner turmoil? I have yet to decide. Self help is all very well, coping strategies useful and positive attitudes fine, but…and it’s a big but….do we need to deep clean the bad memory file and throw away those forever? Please let me have your thoughts on this. Always grateful ..essentially Cathie

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