Noticeably a current trend is expressing and writing gratitudes which is meant to help your mental health. I came across it several years ago when a friend with mental health issues, low self esteem and anxiety had them written on a pin board in her room. She said her therapist had set her targets to… Continue reading Gratitudes


Pain is a very personal feeling. Our perception of what is acceptable is very individual. I myself have a ‘ high pain threshold’. I put this down to my northern upbringing and have vivid memories of being brushed down and brushed off whenever I took a tumble or knock. I have had some nasty falls… Continue reading PMR , PAIN AND NATURAL REMEDIES

Dead Ends

What does that mean? Seriously ...I know totally changing my personality here. Dead End . There is no such thing. When life gets tough and believe me it does ( you don’t get to my age without some pretty tough moments) there is no such thing . Otherwise the human race would cease to exist.… Continue reading Dead Ends